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About Dr. Madhu Kalia

“ A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

Meet Madhu Kalia, a vibrant soul with a life story woven from diverse threads. Currently serving as a mindfulness and spiritual coach, Madhu has donned various hats – radio jockey, TV presenter, seamstress, dispenser in a chemist and a certified reiki Master.

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Your Guide at Urja Shakti:

Driven by a profound passion for holistic well-being, Madhu is the founder of Urja Shakti. This is not just a space; it’s your sanctuary for meditation and the pursuit of peace. Within these serene walls, you embark on a personal journey of self-discovery.

Philanthropy and Empowerment – Your Shared Mission:

As a philanthropist, Madhu believes in self-reliance and independence. Her projects in India focus on empowering women and contributing to community well-being. Through Urja Shakti, she aims to guide individuals towards self-discovery and service to the nation.

Author and Wisdom Sharer – A Personal Touch:

In her downtime, Madhu finds joy in writing. “Rishtiya lai Roshni” and “Simran to Dhiyan Tak” are her Punjabi creations, soon to be available in English. These works are her gift to you, sharing wisdom and insights.

Dr. Madhu Kalia
Madhu Kalia Urja Shakti

Spiritual Journey and Shared Learning:

Madhu’s spiritual journey began in childhood, marked by mind reading, astral traveling, and past life regression. These profound moments have shaped her growth. From hosting radio shows to exploring the complexities of human life, every experience is a stepping stone in her ongoing journey of learning.

Balancing Work and Family – A Shared Lifestyle:

Gratitude fills Madhu’s heart for her loving and supportive family. With her spouse, Mr. Sudesh Kumar Kalia, and their four incredible children, they navigate the delicate balance of work, helping others, and cherishing family moments. Their life is an embodiment of love, learning, and giving back.

Urja Shakti - Your Sanctuary of Transformation:

Urja Shakti is not just a platform; it is your sanctuary for transformation. Join Madhu in the pursuit of self-discovery, empowerment, and holistic well-being. Together, create a life filled with love, learning, and the joy of giving back. Welcome to Urja Shakti – where your journey to a harmonious self begins.

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"After an energy clearing session, I felt a weight lifted - both physically and emotionally. I'm so grateful to have found a talented energy healer through Urja Shakti."

Oliver Smith

"As a Reiki Master Teacher, I'm impressed with the comprehensive training program offered by Urja Shakti. It prepared me to serve clients with compassion."

Emily Johnson

"I recommend Urja Shakti to all my friends who are looking to deepen their spiritual growth and self-discovery. The workshops are insightful and healing."

Priya Patel

"The spiritual life coaching through Urja Shakti helped me gain clarity in my relationship and career that allowed me to move forward confidently."

Harry Williams

"I've struggled with anxiety for years, but after just a few reiki sessions with Urja Shakti I felt more at peace than I have in a long time. The calming energy has lasting effects."

Rajesh Kumar

"Even though we did distance healing sessions, I was amazed at how present and attentive the Urja Shakti practitioner was. I truly felt cared for."

Ayesha Rahman