What They’re Saying

"After an energy clearing session, I felt a weight lifted - both physically and emotionally. I'm so grateful to have found a talented energy healer through Urja Shakti."

Oliver Smith

"As a Reiki Master Teacher, I'm impressed with the comprehensive training program offered by Urja Shakti. It prepared me to serve clients with compassion."

Emily Johnson

"I recommend Urja Shakti to all my friends who are looking to deepen their spiritual growth and self-discovery. The workshops are insightful and healing."

Priya Patel

"The spiritual life coaching through Urja Shakti helped me gain clarity in my relationship and career that allowed me to move forward confidently."

Harry Williams

"I've struggled with anxiety for years, but after just a few reiki sessions with Urja Shakti I felt more at peace than I have in a long time. The calming energy has lasting effects."

Rajesh Kumar

"Even though we did distance healing sessions, I was amazed at how present and attentive the Urja Shakti practitioner was. I truly felt cared for."

Ayesha Rahman

Urja Shakti transformed my life! Their meditation sessions helped me find inner peace and strength I never knew I had. It's a holistic wellness experience like no other. Thank you for the amazing support and guidance.

Emily P. Customer

I had a Tarot Card Reading session with Urja Shakti, and it was incredibly insightful. The reader's intuition and wisdom brought clarity to my life's questions. Everything that she said was totally on point. Highly recommended!

Christine Rose Customer

Experiencing Reiki Healing with Urja Shakti was truly transformative. The energy and healing touch of their practitioner invoked a profound sense of peace, stress-relief and balance. It's a powerful journey towards holistic wellness.

Alex H. Customer

Sound Healing sessions with Urja Shakti are a blissful escape from stress. The healing frequencies transport you to a state of calm and rejuvenation. It's a magical experience! Will definitely try their other offerings as well!

Katrina Grace Customer

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